ASHRAE BC Research Promotion

As a Board of Governors, we are always grateful for the amazing generosity of our chapter members, both as individuals and organizations.  We hope that we can count on your support once again to make an investment in ASHRAE Research in the coming year.

Our goal for the 2017/2018 year is $24,850

Since 1919, research has been the core of ASHRAE's existence. ASHRAE Research is the largest program of fundamental and applied research supported by a technical society. Currently, there are 60+ active research projects, with 40+ projects approved for further development.

By contributing to ASHRAE Research, you are supporting:

  • Development of technical information to create standards and guidelines, which serve as the basis for design and testing practices around the world.
  • Improvements to the way buildings are designed, built and operated - to maximize building performance, energy efficiency and indoor environmental quality while minimizing our impact on the environment.
  • Progress towards Advanced Energy Design Guide (ADEG) and cost-effective net-zero-energy (NZE) buildings.
  • Significant advancement to our understanding of the impact of indoor environmental quality (IEQ) on work performance, health symptoms and perceived environmental quality in offices and facilities.
  • Development of tools, procedures and methods suitable for designing low energy buildings.
  • Development of improved HVAC&R components ranging from residential through commercial to provide improved system efficiency, affordability, reliability and safety.

Since 1960, 845 research projects valued at $67.5 Million have been conducted through funding from ASHRAE Research. 

Research Promotion goal for 2016/2017 met!

We are pleased to announce that we surpassed our goal for the 2016/2017 year and raised a whopping $26,890 towards ASHRAE Research! A BIG thank you goes out to all of last years donors!

Thank you to our ASHRAE research donors for 2016-2017!

Major DONORS ($1000 TO $3000)

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 10.43.37 PM.png

COMPANY DONORS ($250 to $800)

Engineered Air

Gordon Lathams Ltd.

KD Engineering

Christopher Collett & Associates

Prism Engineering Limited

GR Hudson Sales

ECCO Supply

Jade West Engineering Co Ltd.

Olympic International

Viessmann Manufacturing Co Ltd.

Western Mechanical Services

Vibra Sonic Control Ltd.

Plazr Sales Inc.




Branislav Cvijetinovic

Robert Flipse

Jay Jagpal

Gavin McCallum

Lester J Pereira

Randal Stuart

William Hocquard

John Topliss

Stephen Kooiman

David Pankratz

Tim Thompson

Chris Collett

Norm Grusnick

Charles Sabean

Gerald Hughes

Ron Sue

Miles Murray

John MacLean

Kenneth Newbert

Endowment Funds




For more information about ASHRAE Research, please contact, or check out the ASHRAE Society Research webpage.